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Welcome. Thanks for joining us at That Church Conference.

Hello there.

We are so glad that you are joining us for That Church Conference. We hope you enjoy your stay, and learn a lot.


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Directions & Parking Info

Looking for directions to Atlanta Tech Village? Click below for the address and directions. You'll also find important parking info (Note: there is no parking on-site at the conference!)


There's free wifi available while at That Church Conference. You'll find the ID and password written on the walls near the stage.

Please only connect devices that you are currently using, as we usually have over 500 devices connected at a time.

Taking Notes?

Did you know you can take notes on your phone using this site? Follow along with each session and take notes right here on our mobile site, then you can save them and have them emailed to you.

Let's Stay Connected

Lastly, we'd love to stay connected with you. Text "THATCC" to 678-329-8480 and we'll text you conference reminders, and if you have any questions that's a great way to get a hold of us.

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